Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last week someone called me a lightworker. I hadn't heard that term in a long time. I did a little research when I had time. I am not sure I buy into some of the rhetoric, but if knowing 1. that you have a mission or purpose 2. knowing what your purpose or mission is 3. are driven to act on it 4.It helps mankind and humanity 5.It leaves your corner of the planet a little better off 6. You seem to be at peace with or connected to the afterlife/angelic/God side of things, then I guess I probably am a lightworker. It actually makes sense. I will still live my life exactly as it has been, mundane drudgery, busy, busy and the stresses all people endure, and I love every minute of it, but I did come to realize through that conversation that I need to nurture my spirituality more. Iget so busy taking care of everybody I forget to nurture me. So that is one of my Lenten sacrifices.
Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Long time no talk. It has been a very active, busy time for the Kalinowski Clan and company. Everyone is doing really well. The empty nest isn't very empty and Matt and I are learning to deal with all our new "family" members and simultaneously enjoy our lives as a couple who are finding each other once again. Most of the time it is busy and noisy at our house as usual and then we get nice breaks like this weekend where we had the house entirely to ourselves. It is a neat thing. Going from "parents" to patriarch and matriarch takes a little getting used to and it hasn't always been an easy adjustment, but now that we are all getting the hang of things, I am really enjoying this part of my life. Matt still misses the way things used to be, but is embracing and adjusting to the way things now are pretty well also.
This post is about trust. First of all, trust is something that must be earned. Second of all, even those who you trust dearly can surprise you and do something you would never expect. So for me I trust cautiously until someone gives me a reason to distrust, and even in those I do trust, I always am wary that something unexpected could happen. That way when or if the shoe drops, in most cases the relationship can be salvaged. In those cases where the relationship needs to be severed, it can be done without as much trauma as there otherwise might be.
I am always saddened when humanity takes the low road and each heartbreak hurts as much as the last, but at least I can keep my faith in human goodness by not trusting rashly.
Have a good day all!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Up For Air

Well howdy everyone. It has been a very long few months. The dance group has grown up some more and it is requiring a lot of attention. I really enjoy what I do so I am glad about that, but I am pretty tired and ready for some down time.
I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks to do very little in the way of mental work. By then hopefully I'll be rejuvenated and ready to go once again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alas summer is almost over.

I have a lot of pictures and news but no time to write. So........ I do promise to sit down and begin catching up as soon as we get a not so nice day.
Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally Up for Air!

Well, the air has reached disgustingly uncomfortable. Something like the deep south. We are to be in the 90's all week and of course it is muggy too. We got a lot of drama and theatrics this afternoon , but just a few dribbles of it was pretty much a non event. Hopefully it watered the trees enough so that I don't have to water until at least tomorrow.
I am slowly but surely settling into my summer groove and I really like it a lot. I have 3 tutored kids and 9 horse camp kids. It is keeping me busy but I really love what I do. The horses LOVE it. They aren't getting their weekly trail rides right now because Jeni has been so busy, but the are getting handled by the kids every day. It is working out great!
All is well in the chicken coop. The lazy silkies finally began laying.
After a lot of budgeting, it was decided that it was much more economical to get busy on the barn than it was to add on to the current studio again so.....we are deep into construction on the barn.
While my mom is home for the summer we are working on scanning and cataloging family photos. It is a project I have been working on for many years, but now with my new hard drive it is making it a joy.
Everything is fine with all the daughters. Lots of nice memories and opportunities. My tutored kids are enjoying Mrs. Cyndy's home-school of hard knocks and I love seeing their academic challenges melt away. Mrs. Cyndy's driving school has gotten 2 students street legal this summer. 1-2 more to go and then I may be retiring for a bit. Things in Africa are going well. A little more illness than normal, but I think everybody is on the road to recovery. Thankfully Rakieta is as healthy as a horse.
Yes, all in life is good at the Kalinowski Ranch!
Now, about the multitudes of cats produced by one "Mama" alias "Fertile Myrtle".............
(By the way, she is now fixed.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Know Whether I am Coming or Going!

I do have a lot to share. i just have no time to sit and write. I'll be back soon. Promise!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long Absence

Long time no post. I will catch everyone up later. Things are good, just hectic and busy as usual.